The Alexander Technique

Most everyone is born with an innate sense of balance. Our bodies are designed for freedom of movement that takes advantage of this natural balance. As we grow we uncon-sciously learn various ways of interfering with this balance in the form of unnecessary and excessive muscular tension. These patterns of tension become habitual and can often impede us from living full lives free from anxiety and pain in our mind/body. The Alexander Technique is a re-education system that cultivates neuromuscular awareness and teaches you how to reclaim a state of balance and vitality enjoying freedom in movement, freedom in stillness and freedom in
all of life’s

Who was Alexander and how did the Technique originate?

F. Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was a Shakespearean recitalist who was having vocal problems that were interfering with his performing. Having the realization that it was something that he was doing in himself causing his difficulty, he spent ten years observing himself while speaking. This rigorous study led to his discovery that he had an habitual pattern of tension which interfered with the proper relationship of his head, neck and back. It was from this revelation that the Technique developed.

A child's Balance & Poise

Who Can Benefit From the Alexander Technique?

What are the Tangible Benefits?