I am also a teacher of the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique is not a massage modality. It is essentially a somatic re-education technique that addresses postural habits and unnecessary excess muscle tension helping one to achieve more ease and poise in life’s daily activities. Because the intent of the Technique, where one remains clothed, is to impart a new kinesthetic awareness, a session is called a lesson and is an active and mentally engaging experience as compared to the passive experience of massage. The Technique and its cultivated awareness facilitates the use of myself in such a way that requires the least amount of overall muscular tension. This ease is communicated through touch whether it be in a massage or an Alexander Technique lesson. For more information on the Alexander Technique and lessons click here.

Regular massage therapy is a valuable preventative tool for staying healthy and avoiding injury. Swedish and Deep Tissue massage is very helpful in maintaining optimum health for people who lead stressful and active lifestyles. Whether its excessive tension from long hours at work or complementing your exercise activities to achieve enhanced
performance and relaxation, massage is a nurturing addition to your demanding life with proven health benefits.

Neuromuscular massage therapy, which requires extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, is particularly effective in treating people with chronic pain. This is a very focused & specific form of trigger point work that addresses
muscles, tendons and ligaments. NMT is especially effective in addressing chronic pain caused by Low Back Pain, TMJ, RSI, athletic injury and recovery &
poor postural habits.

I have been a massage therapist since 1991. I bring to each massage a cultivated focus and attention devoted to your unwinding, relaxation and overall